Global survey of ayahuasca drinking.




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You are invited to participate in an online survey investigating the drinking of ayahuasca in different contexts around the world, including associated practices and beliefs, individual motivations, and reported effects on health and wellbeing.


Researchers involved

The study is being conducted by Dr. Daniel Perkins and Dr. Violeta Schubert of the Faculty of Arts, and Associate Professor Jerome Sarris, of the Department of Psychiatry, all at The University of Melbourne. The research team also includes Professor Luís Fernando Tófoli, Department of Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, State University of Campinas, Brazil, Dr. Emérita Sátiro Opaleye, Department of Psychobiology, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Dr José Carlos Bouso and José Luis Vila Leirós, of the ICEERS Foundation, Dr Miroslav Horák, Department of Languages and Cultural Studies, Mendel University in Brno, Dr Milan Scheidegger, Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, University of Zurich, Ms. Helena Aicher, MIND - European Foundation for Psychedelic Science, and Ms Hana Simonová, psychologist. Advisers to the project are Dr Dennis McKenna from the Heffter Institute, and Simon Green, Research Associate, ATOP Project. 


This project has been approved by the University of Melbourne Human Research Ethics Committee (1545143.1).


Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for participating in the survey are:

  1. You are at least 18 years old
  2. You read, write and speak English/ Portuguese/ Spanish/ German/ Italian/ Czech fluently
  3. You have drunk ayahuasca (also known as yagé, huasca, Daime, la purga) or related beverage (such as pharmahuasca) at least once.


Content of the survey

The survey will ask about your background and history of ayahuasca drinking, your motivations and the contexts in which you have drunk, your health and lifestyle, and the impact you believe drinking ayahuasca has had on your health and wellbeing. The survey also includes questions about negative impacts you may attribute to drinking ayahuasca.


Some of the survey questions ask about the effect of drinking ayahuasca on your mental health or previous traumas, and may be distressing as you think about your experiences. You do not have to answer any of these questions. If you feel upset after completing the study, or find that some questions or aspects of the questions triggered distress, please seek help from a qualified counsellor/clinician. If you need immediate assistance please contact one of the following 24 hour telephone helplines:

These contacts will also be provided on the final page of the survey.


You may also contact Brazilian principle investigators Dr Luís Fernando Tófoli (19) 99988-7663 and Dr Emérita Sátiro Opaleye (11) 2149-0155 Extension 250.


Your participation will be making an important scientific contribution, and you may gain further insights into your experiences.


What participation involves

Participation in the study will involve completing an online survey that will take 30-50 minutes. However, this time will vary depending on your answers to the open ended questions. You will be required to complete the survey in one sitting.



The survey is anonymous and no identifying data such as name, date of birth, address, or email will be requested. We will remove any references to personal information in answers to open-ended questions that might allow someone to guess your identity.


What will happen with the results

It is intended that the results of this study will be published in journal articles, reports, and presented at conferences and other scientific meetings. Reports regarding safety and health effects, using aggregate data, may also be prepared for specific groups/organisations to help facilitate safe practice. Raw data collected will be accessible only by members of the research team.


Summary reports of the project outcomes will be available at as of 31 December 2018. You can also add your name on the website to receive email updates or follow us on Facebook.


Voluntary participation

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. Should you wish to withdraw at any stage, or to withdraw any unprocessed data you have supplied, you are free to do so without prejudice.


How to participate

If you would like to participate, please indicate that you have read and understood this information by clicking 'Next' below. It is important that you complete the survey only once, and that you answer each question honestly and seriously.


Further information

Should you require any further information, or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Daniel Perkins +61 414620666 or Dr Violeta Schubert +61 8344 5089. If you have any concerns or complaints about the conduct of this research project, you can contact the Manager, Human Research Ethics, Office for Research Ethics and Integrity, The University of Melbourne, Phone +61 3 8344 2073, email quoting HREC 1545143.



By clicking 'Next' below, you acknowledge that:

  • You have read and understand the information above
  • Your participation will involve completing an online survey and that the researchers may use the results as described above
  • Participation is voluntary
  • The survey is anonymous, and any identifying information provided will be edited to ensure confidentiality